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Life is tough. No matter who you are or what kind of life you live, you'll always have a problem to overcome whether it be big or small. Solving problems is something I like to do.

Kayla Curry's House of Organized Chaos is a place for me to share my insights, give you basic solutions to everyday problems, teach you about everything I've learned, and more.

It is my theory that everything starts from within YOU. That's why the first topic I talk about is Self. In the Self category, you'll find my tips and advice for living happier. Check out mindset mantras, bullet journal layouts, and other things you can do to make yourself a happier human being.

Next, I talk about Family. Your happiness radiates to the people around you the most. In the Family category, you'll find parenting advice, relationship advice, and more. 

What is family without a Home? You'll find everything from recipes to organizing and decorating in the Home section.

Then we branch out a little further. The Career section is for you if you're a stay-at-home parent or just someone who wants to build a sustainable income from home. I'll be adding courses, starter tips and kits, and resources for you to check out.

Finally, for those who want to have an impact on the world at large, I have the World section. Here I'll talk about issues that surround us and give call-to-actions that will help you make a difference in the issues that matter most to you.

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